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Razor Wire


Razor wire is made by way of cold clenching a series of punched tap on a high tensile wire. The tap has multiple sharp edges punched on both side of it making it difficult for anyone to trespass it easily. Multiple sharp blades or razor wire designed to inflict series cuts/injury on anyone attempting to climb through. Series of barbs wire have a piercing and gripping actions as well. By looks of it, razor wire create a strong mental deterrent to the intruders. Razor wire is very strong and reinforced with a high tensile core wire which makes it more difficult to bend and to cut it through normal hard tools which give more time for security personnel to respond in case of any intrusion.

Razor wire is either -

  • Unclipped (RBT)
  • Clipped at multiple points (Concertina coil)



Razor wire are used for high security areas such as prisons, borders, factories (for possible theft), godowns, warehouses, nuclear facilities, etc.


Razor wires should only be installed by skilled person because of the nature (lethalness) of the product. It can be topped over existing boundaries, chain like fence, weld mesh fence. It requires custom made Y - arms to place the concertina coils or RBT on it. Accessories such as eyebolts/turn buckles are required for installation.

Coil Diameter No. of Clips Core wire diameter Tape thickness Material grade
300-450-600mm 3-5 per spiral 2.50mm 0.50mm SS and Galvanized

  • Short blade (12mm)
  • Medium blade (22mm)
  • Ripper blade (30mm)
  • Long blade (60mm)

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