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Barbed Wire


Pramukhraj wirenetting, with the help of providing high quality products has established itself among the leading barbed wire manufacturer, barbed wire supplier and barbed wire exporter. We manufacture and deal in barbed wire for fencing and security uses, made of either hot dipped galvanized stainless steel, or PVC coated wire.

Our barbed wire products have occupied a standard market place and are well accepted by large number of user. When strength and long term durability are blended in optimum way our superior quality barbed wire are born. With our prime objective of customer satisfaction with superior quality product, we always deliver items on time with most competitive price.



Barbed wire is conventional form of fencing and is widely used for demarcation and low security fencing for areas such as farms house, gardens, open lands etc. Any person or animal trying pass through the fencing line will suffer from discomfort or possibly injury.


Barbed wires are simplest of all to install and erect. It requires only fencing posts, barbed wire and fixing accessories such as staples/pins and hence even an unskilled person can erect the fence quickly.

Line Wire (Double
Barbing Wire
Pitch zinc Coating
2.50mm. 2.50mm. 75mm-125mm 40-90-275 GSM
2.50mm. 2.00mm. 75mm-125mm 40-90-275 GSM
2.00mm. 2.00mm. 75mm-125mm 40-90-275 GSM

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