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Welcome to the Pramukhraj Wirenetting

Welcome to the extremely fascinating alluring world of Pramukhraj Wirenetting. We are the leading manufacturer and exporters of wire mesh, barb wire fences, mesh/chain link fences/ wire link fences/ razor wire/ fencing system and accessories and related wire products. We are committed to excel in providing entire range of quality products and thereby providing customers almost satisfaction and winning their trust and confidence.

Our products are crafted in a mix of indigenous and imported machinery by higly skilled expertise and engineers, with a very strict quality control through in-house processes. With years of experiences and perseverance , we have sculpted and eminent place of overselves in both domestic and international market as prominent , barb wire fence, chain link fences and wire mesh fence manufacture and exporters.

We are completely customer-driven organization, supplying Top-quality product as per the requirements or specific samples of over valued customers at the best competitive prices. Last but not least, we believe in maintaining long term relationship with over customers with the help of optimum quality products and that too at most reasonable price.

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